Vaginal & Anal Bleaching

Want lighter skin around your V and inner buttocks? It's totally normal for your skin to have some discoloration. We can help!

Our anal or vaginal "bleaching" service lightens the pigment around the anal opening to provide a smooth and sexy appearance. Many individuals have a natural discoloration surrounding the exterior of the anus, and just as many people find it less than desirable. Our anal "bleaching" procedure provides a safe and easy way to lighten your skin and make you feel sexy all over.

Our accelerated skin brightening system for Sensitive Intimate Areas is designed for use in the anal, vaginal, genital, underarm, face, knees/elbows, scars, burn marks and other intimate areas. Great for ALL skin types! Typical results after the first visit are 2-3 shades lighter and will continue to lighten with repeat visits.

Our licensed and insured esthetician makes you feel comfortable and confident with our "bleaching" services. After we apply the product you can expect to see the area 2-3 shades lighter immediately. 

The speed of the visual result is contingent on your melanin depth which you've inherited. Everyone lightens up at different speeds.