Female Sexual Rejuvenation

Vaginal Bleaching

Pixel Perfect is an aesthetic fractionated C02 laser that lifts away years from your face. It provides noticeable results, often in as little as a single treatment.

You’ll see dramatic improvement in the tone and texture of your skin in as little as several weeks. Many people choose Pixel Perfect because it:



Viveve uses RF technology with integrated contact cooling to safely and effective treat the conditions of vaginal rejuvenation that include (Pain, dryness , Sexual Function, Arousal, Orgasm, Desire, Urinary Incontinence, & Overactive bladder (frequency). The treatment is clinically-proven to: Improve vaginal laxity, Increase vaginal lubrication, reduce painful intercourse Improve stress or urge incontinence, bladder leakage.



ThermiVA™ is a premier option for improving vulvovaginal health for women of all ages and stages in life and is suitable for young women, women after childbirth, and peri- and post menopausal women. Most patients say they feel like a new woman after just a single treatment, with many enjoying better sexual satisfaction than ever before.

ThermiVA™ targets the interior vaginal walls and external labia majora/minora by utilizing radiofrequency technology.



FemiLift is a breakthrough technology using a CO2 laser to deliver fractionated thermal energy to stimulate vaginal mucosa revitalization. The procedure restores the vagina and its supporting structures to a more “youthful” pre-pregnancy state.  In doing so, the vagina tightens, which allows for enhanced friction, increasing sexual gratification for both partners. The 30 minute procedure is performed by inserting a probe into the vagina with a 360-degree rotation capability.


Nonsurgical Labial Reduction 

Nonsurgical Labial Reduction is done using various Modalities:

  • FractoraV

  • Radio Frequency

  • ThermiVa

  • Tempsure


Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Testosterone pellets are a safe and effective way to reverse aging associated with menopause in women and symptoms of low T in men.
      The pellets are bio-identical, and are made using a botanical source and dissolve in the body in its natural molecular form providing constant and even serum levels. 
Women benefit from relief of hot flashes, vaginal rejuvenation, increased bone density, and improved sleep.