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    Noninvasive Vein Treatment

    Geneveve is a non-invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure that is a one-session, 30 minute treatment with no downtime. You may be asking yourself, why am I offering a procedure for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

    The answer to that is simple, Vaginal laxity affects over 50% of women and is the cause of things like urinary incontinence (leakage when you laugh, cough, sneeze or workout), dryness or pain with intercourse, reduced arousal, reduced sensation during intercourse, and inability to orgasm. My aesthetics practice is over 90% women and I chose to specialize in Aesthetics to help women look and feel their best. Vaginal Rejuvenation is about the health and wellness of a woman’s vagina and can be life changing with just a 30 minute treatment.

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    About Geneveve

    Geneveve is the breakthrough treatment of the year, being called the “Women’s Viagra.” It is used to improve woman’s lives (and the lives of their significant other) through intimate wellness. Viveve uses RF technology with integrated contact cooling to safely and effectively treat the conditions of vaginal rejuvenation that include (Pain, Lubrication, Sexual Function, Arousal, Orgasm, Desire, Urinary Incontinence, & Overactive bladder (frequency).


    Anti-aging is no longer just for the face! ThermiVA™ is the non-surgical procedure that will help you look and feel 20 years younger down there in 30 minutes!

    You know that as a woman age, you lose collagen on your face and skin throughout your body, but did you know that you also lose collagen in your labia and vagina too? While it’s true that childbirth can cause noticeable vaginal laxity, the loss of collagen is the main culprit causing problems in your intimacy department and other embarrassing issues that you may not even want to discuss with your closest girlfriends. No worries, ThermiVA™, the non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure can fix diverse feminine issues using advanced radio frequency, and the professional medical team at Wang Plastic Surgery in Pasadena will be your new best friends to discuss the solutions to your private issues discretely.

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    How does ThermiVA™ work?

    ThermiVA™ can be performed in 30 minutes, in the office. Neither anesthetic nor numbing cream is required, as the procedure is painless.
    ThermiVA™ targets the interior vaginal walls and external labia majora/labia minora by utilizing radiofrequency technology.