• Vaginal Bleaching
  • Vaginal Bleaching

    If you’ve been bothered by increasing discolored areas of your private parts, you’re not alone. Although it’s rarely discussed, many are embarrassed by the discoloration of the vaginal and anal area and want to turn back the clock.

    Why Vaginal Bleaching?

    Vaginal bleaching offers a solution to the dark color that can occur and increase over time in intimate areas of the body. Color variations are normal in different types of people. Vaginal bleaching is intended to combat unwanted color variations caused by aging or environment. These color variations can also be caused by frequent fabric rubbing, skin chafing, childbirth, hormones, and age.

    Laser Vaginal Bleaching

    A special procedure called Laser Vaginal Bleaching uses the Pixel CO2 laser to lighten darker colored tissues in the vaginal and anal areas, and it provides the desired look you can’t achieve with creams alone.
    The treatment is simple and takes about thirty minutes. After numbing the area for your comfort, the entire surface of the labia minora and majora and anus (if desired) is lasered using the state of the art Pixel CO2 laser I use specifically for vaginal bleaching is our Pixel Laser. The laser removes the melanin (color) from the area making it lighter.

    After Care

    After the procedure you will need to keep the area as clean as possible and I recommend refraining from sex for at least three days after your treatment.
    Laser Vaginal Bleaching is a low risk procedure and can also be combined with laser anal bleaching, I can be combined with the Femilift procedure for vaginal tightening and the O-shot for heightened orgasm

    How many Vaginal Bleaching treatments will I need?

    Vaginal Bleaching is a safe and comfortable treatment preformed in my office. Most patients need two treatments about a month a part.

    How do I find out if Vaginal Bleaching is right for me?

    Please call our office for a free consultation.
    Special summer offer only $299 per treatment

    Is Vaginal Bleaching Right For You?

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