• O-Shot® Procedure
  • O-Shot® Procedure

    What exactly is the O-Shot®?

    Using the same technology and identical protocol to obtain the platelet rich plasma, the application and benefits of the magical effects of PRP (the Vampire Facelift®) can be used for rejuvenating tissue in other parts of the body. For example, I can use PRP for hair growth and breast lifting. Orthopedists were the first to use PRP for joint restoration.

    The O-shot is just another application where PRP creates new cell growth and the benefits of this cell growth include better sexual response and rejuvenated vaginal tissue.

    A numbing cream is applied to the clitoral region and 1 cc of PRP is injected using a very small needle directly into this area. Another 4 cc’s of PRP solution is then injected directly into the upper vaginal tissue just below and deeper to the urethra, known as the O-spot. Simple and painless! Results are noticed within several weeks and can last up to 2 years.

    As part of my medical training, I was an OB/GYN resident at Albert Einstein Medical Center for 2 years and I also spent one other year at Winthrop University Hospital training in OB/GYN. I have performed multitudes of GYN surgeries, and I have delivered hundreds of babies both vaginally and via C-section. So you are in good hands with me.

    Is the O-Shot® Right For You?

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