• Bellafill
  • Bellafill

    Bellafill offers a new level of filler rejuvenation.

    The collagen gel immediately adds volume to smooth away smile lines, and the polymethylmethacrylate(PMMA) microspheres help your skin recreate its own firmer structure for beautiful, younger looking skin and lasting results.

    How is Bellafill unique?

    • Bellafill combines polymethylmethacrylate(PMMA) with a collagen gel filler
    • The collagen gel in Bellafill provides immediate volume and lift.
    • Over time, the collagen gel is absorbed by the body and the PMMA microspheres remain in place and create a matrix that supports production of the body’s own collagen for lasting correction.
    • The microspheres in Bellafill are half the diameter of a human hair, so small that they are virtually invisible to the eye.

    The New Five Year Filler

    Regularly priced at $700 per syringe,
    Now Just $500/syringe
    2 syringes for $900
    Purchase a kit of five syringes of Bellafill for only $2400


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    Is Bellafill Right For You?


    • Immediate correction
    • Natural look
    • Lasting improvement

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