• PelleFirm Body Treatment FAQ’s
  • PelleFirm Body Treatment FAQ’s

    What is PelleFirm®?

    PelleFirm is an FDA-cleared body treatment that revitalizes skin through a combination of deep tissue heating and mechanical massage to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. PelleFirm treatments leave you with smoother skin and an overall healthier appearance from head to toe..

    How does PelleFirm® work?

    PelleFirm delivers deep heating to the layers of the skin by applying consistent heat from a handpiece using advanced radio frequency energy. The unique massaging head on the PelleFirm handpiece aids in natural fluid evacuation from the body in cellulite-prone areas.

    How is PelleFirm® different than similar devices and treatments?

    A PelleFirm treatment is comfortable and effective. It requires little to no before or after treatment care and can be done immediately before an important event or as a supporting treatment in your overall health regimen.

    PelleFirm is a safe and effective solution for patients seeking non-surgical options to improve the apperance of their bodies.

    What should I expect?

    Patients describe the treatment as a deep heating sensation coupled with a focused massage. After treatment, most patients feel relaxed and ready to return to normal activity. There is no downtime associated with this procedure and it can be done anytime of the year and in patients with all skin colors.

    After your initial treatment you may experience an immediate feeling of smoother skin in the treatment area. Treatments usually last up to an hour and you can return back to normal activity immediately after treatment. Four to six treatments are recommended to attain your optimal result – a healthier looking body.

    Topical anesthetics and cooling devices are not needed and your practitioner will review any specific treatment protocols with you.

    Visit the Cynosure website for more information on PelleFirm®

    Is PelleFirm® Right For You?

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